Author: Simon Grey


Web series ‘Rahman Music Sheets’ uncovers the mysteries of AR Rahman’s earworms

Umesh Aggarwal’s series is out on YouTube. In 2015, Umesh Aggarwal made a full-length narrative on AR Rahman, named Jai Ho. The producer isn’t done at this point with the popular music writer. Last month saw the dispatch of a YouTube series coordinated by Aggarwal investigating parts of Rahman’s 30-year-profession that couldn’t be remembered for […]


On Sunday Australia Set Another Record For COVID-19 Cases

Australia set another standard for COVID-19 cases on Sunday. New South Wales (NSW), the most crowded state in Australia and the focal point of the country’s delta variation episode, announced 1,218 cases, as indicated by Reuters. The state is allegedly booked to somewhat downsize its COVID-19 limitations following nine weeks of lockdown, which is set […]