Kingdom Hearts fans found Sora’s swanky new real-world Tokyo apartment

Kingdom Hearts fans started dissecting the Kingdom Hearts 4 uncover trailer for hints with an enthusiasm on Sunday, seeing subtleties like the conceivable consideration of a Star Wars world and Sora’s new decision of unpretentious footwear. They additionally observed this present reality extravagance apartment complex where Sora may be residing in Tokyo since the game’s “afterworld” Quadratum is successfully a diversion of the Japanese city.

In view of some publicly supported sleuthing by Tokyo-based Twitch decoration Audrey, otherwise known as aitaikimochi, a self-depicted “Square Enix fangirl,” Sora seems to have a chic cushion in the Aoyoma neighborhood of Tokyo. Aoyoma is an affluent and smart area of town, and Sora’s lease is comparable with the area. Audrey and her watchers uncovered what seems, by all accounts, to be the genuine loft utilized as a model for Sora’s new digs, and it costs barely short of $2,000 every month to lease – about $1 million to purchase.

How did Audrey and her watchers find Sora’s area? By utilizing tourist spots displayed in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer and Google Maps’ Street View, obviously. This present reality apartment complex they found is known as the Regno Raffine, and it’s your average townhouse-style building. Sora probably has a couple of room condo, however, the genuine draw is the overhang and all the regular daylight filling it. Photographs of the structure’s model unit give the most pleasant look at where Sora’s presumably residing post-Kingdom Hearts 3.

Obviously, occupants of the structure may not see the value in exactly how intently Square Enix and the Kingdom Hearts group have reproduced where they reside. Please, Kingdom Hearts aficionados, don’t transform this extravagance high rise into a journey site. Sora, dissimilar to Donald Duck, isn’t genuine!

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