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White House demands $26B space budget

The White House’s monetary year 2023 spending plan proposition looks for almost $26 billion for NASA. The number denotes a $2.7 billion, or 11.6%, expansion from the 2021 ordered level. JEFF BEZOS’ BLUE ORIGIN EXPRESSES INTEREST IN NASA’S SECOND ARTEMIS LUNAR LANDER CONTRACT The 2023 financial plan would give $7.5 billion to U.S. human spaceflight […]


Biden to talk over supply chain emergency with US ports and transporters

President Joe Biden will disclose an arrangement Wednesday to attempt to ease West Coast delays at the ports of Long Beach, California, and Los Angeles by growing nonstop tasks. FedEx, UPS, Walmart, Home Depot and others will likewise report extended hours activity plans during a virtual gathering Wednesday with Biden. The amazing International Longshore and […]