Microsoft Shareholder Seeks Accountability for Transgender Policies; Opposes Reid Hoffman for Board

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At the annual meeting for Microsoft Corporation on Thursday, National Legal and Policy Center will present a shareholder proposal that demands the company deliver an analysis of potential discrimination in the insurance coverage it offers employees, as it pertains to gender.

Specifically, NLPC has identified coverage for so-called transgender staffers who desire to switch from their birth sex. Meanwhile the tech giant otherwise generous in its benefits coverage, which includes paying for women to travel out of their home states to get abortions, if its unlawful where they live has no provisions in its health plans for those who rue their life-altering transition decisions.

In support of the proposal, NLPC also filed a proxy memo with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which explains in greater detail the reasons why shareholders should support its resolution for the Microsoft meeting, which is Proposal 5 on the companys proxy statement. As the nonprofit shareholder reports, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prohibits discrimination in the payment of wages or employee benefits based on gender, and thus Microsofts failure to accommodate de-transitioning workers is clearly biased and inequitable treatment.

A de-transitioner fits into Dept. of Labor- and EEOC-protected categories of prohibited discrimination, which include sex expressly incorporating gender identity and sexual orientation, NLPC reported. Arguably, for a de-transitioner, the protected categories of disability and/or genetic information could also be cited as possible bases for discrimination.

While Microsoft boasts about its perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign for capitulating to their radical LGBT agenda, those who are permanently scarred as a consequence of their policies have nowhere to turn for help, said Paul Chesser, director of NLPCs Corporate Integrity Project.

As NLPCs proposal states, many regretful transitioners are harmed with various long-lasting side effects like chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, unwanted hair loss and hair gain, menstrual irregularities, urinary problems, and other complications. Rather than resolve mental health problems, such gender affirming care instead often exacerbates them.

NLPC also notes how sufferers are becoming increasingly litigious, which could present material risk to Microsoft shareholders, as noted in the proxy memo to the SEC:

Michelle Zacchigna had her uterus and breasts removed, and is suing the eight providers who treated her over their recklessness. Distress related to my gender was treated to the exclusion of other serious mental health issues which went undiagnosed for years. Blind affirmation of my stated identity closed the door to alternative treatment options. What happened to me should never happen again.

Those who desire to de-transition cannot find needed treatment, whether from providers or insurance companies Prisha Mosley said every primary care physician, endocrinologist, obstetrician, and gynecologist shes approached on her insurance list has turned her away or said they cant help. I could call and be rejected every single day. Chloe Cole said, I reached out to every physician, every therapist who is involved with this, and I havent really gotten any help at all. Cat Cattinson said, Because of the experimental nature of gender medicine, doctors know very little about the long-term effects of medical transition and even less about the health-care needs of those who de-transition.

Microsoft is not only vulnerable legally and financially because it fails to cover care for de-transitioners, Chesser said, but also because the companys stated policies affirm it is possible to change ones gender. If a judge and jury were to decide the company lied and convinced an employee into undergoing chemical or surgical castration, that is a material risk that Microsoft must disclose in its 10-K annual report to shareholders.

In addition to its shareholder proposal, NLPC also filed another proxy memo with the SEC to oppose the re-election of LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman for Microsofts board of directors. The move follows a letter that Chesser sent to Microsofts board in October, which asked for the removal of the tech billionaire from the board, due to his hyper-partisan political activities and his connections to the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Founded in 1991, NLPC promotes ethics in public life and government accountability through research, investigation, education, and legal action.


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