Condor Galaxy AI System AI supercomputing system: leading technological innovation and promoting the integration of blockchain and AI development

United States, 19th Sep 2023, King NewsWire Currently, computing power is changing the mode of scientific innovation and becoming a key productive force for social development. Computational power can be divided into general computing power, super computing power, intelligent computing power, etc. Among them, universal computing power is the computing power provided by servers composed of CPU based chips. This includes computing provided by common data centers and cloud service centers. Supercomputing power is the computing power provided by supercomputers, typically using high-performance CPUs, sometimes combined with specialized hardware processors and hybrid structures. It focuses more on the universal computing power of double floating points and pursues accurate numerical calculations. Intelligent computing power is mainly provided by accelerated computing platforms based on AI intelligent chips represented by GPUs, mainly used for training and reasoning of artificial intelligence. It focuses on the diverse computing power of semi precision or single precision floating-point.

In order to achieve the vision of “in a few years, computing power will also be like today’s power network, and users can use computing power as conveniently as electricity”, Cerebras Intelligent Chip Company, CGA Technology R&D Company, G42 Foundation, ACS Resources Company, under the UAE Technology Holding Group G42, jointly launched Condor Galaxy AI System – a system development platform and service provider based on global data centers and supercomputing devices, The business covers IDC data centers, data security, cloud computing, DNS&CDN, system research and development, etc. Relying on Cerebras Systems hardware facilities and G42 underlying supercomputing technology Condor Galaxy network, we have built a platform based on the perfect combination of software and hardware companies. At the same time, we have our own dedicated AI big model technology team, big data annotation technology team, full language training big model technology team, blockchain professional development team, WEB3.0 R&D team, and have gathered top IT talents. We will provide multi centralized supercomputing power leasing services for clients, Web3 institutions, and enterprise level users. We will build a supercomputing cluster based on CG-1 supercomputing devices through a blockchain model, mainly building a decentralized digital intelligence integrated AI computing power system to serve global AI enterprises and digital economy enterprises. We will open up computing power investment to global users through the digital asset compliance path, and invest in user digital assets through the Condor Galaxy AI System computing power investment platform. This will be used for computing power procurement in supercomputing centers in more regions around the world, and we will obtain higher investment returns through computing power leasing. At the same time, it makes it easier for users to participate in the most competitive industries in the future, enjoy computing power leasing and high income dividends from foundations.

About CGA Tokens

The first digital token relies on supercomputing devices and global AI software, with a total of 10 billion issued and 100% computing power mining output. Not only as a digital currency, emerging AI projects are widely used in the Omniverse Condor Galaxy ACE universe, but they can also be used for financing, crowdfunding, and voting. In addition, these tokens also have the characteristics of equity coins, which can collaborate with individuals holding CGA tokens for financing.

The CGA ecosystem is not limited to traditional DeFi blockchain and lending, it provides a higher-level industrial architecture. It integrates AI technology and supercomputing hardware devices, giving it strong computing power and application potential. At the same time, CGA also incorporates the concept of Omniverse universal applications, providing an innovative platform for developing emerging AI projects. Most importantly, it combines the underlying logic of blockchain to achieve collaborative cooperation in different fields, bringing broader prospects for the development of the AI industry.

CGA IDO is about to start

At the intersection of AI technology and the blockchain ecosystem, the Condor Galaxy AI System (CGA) announced its upcoming record breaking IDO (Initial Token Issuance) program. This plan will provide 100 million yuan of tokens for subscription at a price of 0.05U. At the same time, there is a limited release of exciting NFTs and exciting airdrop blind boxes, including 2-core GPUs, 4-core GPUs, 8-core GPUs, and 16-core GPUs.

CGA is a revolutionary token aimed at promoting AI technology and supercomputing capabilities. It combines the global supercomputing space network with an open AI ecosystem, providing infinite opportunities for innovators and partners. CGA’s IDO program is a milestone event that will provide rare opportunities for investors and technology enthusiasts.


The Condor Galaxy AI System accelerates civilization and the times, focusing on creating an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem. It is also a new commercial attempt under the chaotic economic system. As a new energy source in the digital economy era, supercomputing power will provide the most advanced productivity for industries such as AI artificial intelligence, smart internet, and metaverse.


In the future, computing power represents the future, and computing power represents wealth. The Condor Galaxy AI System will link global computing power and work together with every user to share the dividends of the computing age. Condor Galaxy AI System will work together with you to create and change the power of the world!

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