Shane Hoff of Cobb County Works with Charitable Causes through Continued Philanthropy

Atlanta, Georgia, 30th August 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Shane Hoff of Cobb County currently serves as the Vice President of Enterprise Accounts & Private Equity Partnerships at Granite Telecommunications. Mr. Hoff is an exemplary figure in the business world and a compassionate philanthropist, who continues to make a positive impact in a professional capacity and in the community through his charitable work. Shane Hoff’s journey and influence are a testament to his dedication, innovation, and commitment to making an enduring impression.

For over two decades, Shane Hoff has been an instrumental force at Granite Telecommunications, occupying various high-level positions that underscore his expertise and forward-thinking approach. His current role as the Vice President of Private Equity Partnerships showcases his strategic prowess in developing a robust sales pipeline to bolster enterprise account sales through the private equity channel. His success lies in his ability to cultivate partnerships across the private equity sphere, collaborating with some of the globe’s most prominent firms, including The Blackstone Group, TPG, KKR, and more.

From a founding member to his swift promotion as the Vice President of Enterprise Account Sales, Shane Hoff’s ascent is marked by tangible achievements and intangible qualities that set him apart. His notable measurable outcomes are matched by his humility, competitive spirit, and inspirational leadership style. Shane Hoff consistently proves his mettle in managing and providing executive-level guidance to a highly skilled, technical workforce, exhibiting unwavering leadership during periods of change and growth.

Beyond his outstanding career, Shane Hoff’s philanthropic endeavors shine just as brightly. His commitment to making a difference extends to various charitable organizations that are close to his heart. Through his generosity, he has made significant contributions to organizations such as Open Hand – Atlanta, which has delivered love, dignity and nutrition to neighbors in need since 1988. Open Hand Atlanta is founded on the idea of neighbors helping neighbors through delicious, nutritious, home-delivered meals. With a team of dietitian nutritionists they are able to ensure that their ingredients are of the highest quality. As one of the nation’s largest and most prominent community-based providers of healthy, home-delivered meals and nutrition education, Open Hand has a dedicated staff, an army of compassionate volunteers, and the support of dozens of community partners. Today, Open Hand prepares and delivers 5,000 meals each day to more than 4,500 of our medically-fragile neighbors and empowers 3,000 clients annually to take control of their health through nutrition education. 

Among the other charities that Shane Hoff works with as a volunteer or through financial contributions is Children’s Home Society, which since 1884, has been working to create safe, stable and nurturing environments for children to thrive and be happy. Starting as a day nursery for the working poor, Children’s Home Society quickly added adoption services for the needs of the time. Today, Children’s Home Society offers services including kinship care, adoption, parental in-home mentoring and childcare support services. At the heart of Children’s Home Society is the knowledge that kids do best when raised by a family member. Caregivers in grandfamilies or kinship homes as well as adoptive parents, often need support and help with parenting traumatized children, counseling services, access to legal and financial resources, and more. Children’s Home Society is their welcoming solution.

Despite a very busy professional life as an executive at a large and growing company, Mr. Hoff makes it a priority in his life to give back to others, especially in the Atlanta and Cobb County area. In addition to the charities previously mentioned, Mr. Hoff also gives support to Lady Josephine Foundation, Save The Children, Miles for Miracles, It’s The Journey, Inc, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Enduring Hearts. His charitable work echoes his commitment to creating a positive impact on society and uplifting those in need.

About Shane Hoff

Shane Hoff of Cobb County Georgia is currently the vice president of private equity partnerships at Granite Telecommunications, where he has served in a variety of high level positions for over twenty years. In his current role, Shane Hoff has developed a new sales pipeline to support enterprise account sales through the private equity channel by creating partnerships across the private equity space and working with some of the largest global firms, such as The Blackstone Group, TPG, KKR, and more.

Brought on as a founding member, Shane Hoff was quickly promoted to vice president of enterprise account sales due to his superlative measurable results, as well as his intangible qualities of humility, competitiveness, and inspirational leadership. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated that he is forward-thinking and is willing to take calculated risks at the appropriate times. Shane Hoff has successfully managed and provided executive-level guidance to a highly educated, experienced, and technical workforce, consistently leading through change and growth periods.

Shane Hoff earned his Master of Business Administration with a focus in Management of Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to that, he graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry. In addition to his on-the-job experience, he has been a part of courses in “Leadership Training for Managers” and “Winning with Relationship Selling” at the Dale Carnegie Training Center.

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