Fleamint Appoints Michael Leitner-Young as New CTO, Poised to Revolutionize Web 3.0

Singapore, Singapore, 23rd May 2023 – Fleamint is a pioneering Web 3.0 ecosystemt hat is ready to disrupt the blockchain and all international sectors. Mr. Leitner-Young has developed numerous successful ventures, including Matrix Money, 2omb, Project Orca, and Redemption, and he brings this expertise to the table.

The CEO of Fleamint, James Gillingham, stated his excitement over the hire: “We are happy to have Michael join our team. Given his several successful initiatives, his track record speaks for itself. We are certain that Michael will take Fleamint to the next level given his experience and knowledge in the blockchain sector.”

Fleamint’s mission is to break down current boundaries and create a seamless experience to change how Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 interact with one another. The company’s main goal is to provide token utility that is scaffolded by reputable companies with high Fleamint Trust scores and have tangible, quantifiable real world economic values. The ecosystem of Fleamint is varied and supports numerous verticals, which is advantageous for both customers and consumers as well as businesses, charities, and innovators. By providing a holistic economy for the token to thrive within. Real world assets on platform equal real world value for the token. Fleamint is transforming the market and empowering companies and individuals to fully utilize blockchain by combining it with unmatched business analysis and data driven planning.

Mr. Leitner-Young’s new position entails driving platform innovation and overseeing the organization’s technical team. “I am excited to join the Fleamint team and be a part of this ground-breaking Web3 project,” he said when asked how he felt about joining Fleamint. Together, we will reimagine what is conceivable in the digital sphere and produce a singular experience.

Fleamint is dedicated to mass adoption via familiar real world asset solutions that democratize businesses and give people a genuine stake and interest in fully utilizing the power of smart contracts and Web 3.0 in familiar and easy to understand user interfaces. From simple to use self custodied wallets, to accessible products, that makes sense to everyone the business is in a strong position to accelerate expansion and fulfil its objective with Mr. Leitner-Young on board.

About Fleamint:

The Fleamint platform is creating a complete ecosystem for Real World Assets across all industries. offering users, a decentralized, open, and secure environment in which to engage in a variety of activities, such as trading goods and services. All Fleamints client companies are onboarding to the platform to enter Web 3.0 through the NFT marketplace for E-commerce and Venture arm, the grown up Launchpad for established Web 2.0 business for capital raising ideas, that expand the search for liquidity to all markets.

For more information about Fleamint and its services, visit https://fleamint.com.

Official Medium : https://fleamint.medium.com/

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