PubScale: The Next Generation AdTech Platform You Need to Know About

Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 20th May 2023, King NewsWireIn today’s fast-paced digital world, app growth has proven to be a tricky business, thanks to the numerous mobile apps that flood the marketplace every day. Creating and launching a mobile app is only the first step of a long-winded app growth journey. Attracting relevant users and monetizing them come up next. The average app developer is constantly struggling to stand out amongst millions of apps in the market, stay ahead of the curve, and scale up to a sustainable business.

To combat these challenges and many others, GreedyGame created PubScale, a one-stop growth and monetization platform. PubScale has accurately realized the most common but tricky issues app developers face and has resorted to simplifying them.

PubScale has integrated the tools for app monetization, user acquisition, revenue optimization, and analytics into one nifty platform, which is easy to use and provides multiple data points which are needed to make an app succeed. By leveraging PubScale, an app developer can address all app growth-related challenges on a single dashboard.

Profitability puzzle: Common challenges faced by app developers

Every app developer is aware that launching their app successfully is the first step of a tedious journey that awaits them. The next step would be to acquire the right users and to effectively monetize their app’s content. Some of the common challenges they face are as follows.

  1. Scaling up revenue:

This is a fundamental problem encountered by every app developer. Among subscription-based or ad-based revenue models, many opt for in-app advertising as a way to gain initial revenues, but it can prove to be tough since many factors like ad formats, ad placements, demand partners, ad policies, and more come into play.

  1. User acquisition:

Gaining users, especially the relevant ones, is an ongoing challenge many app developers seek to resolve. By attracting the right audience, app developers can up their chances of getting the right feedback and hence progress towards growing it.

  1. Choosing the right Ad Networks:

App developers often need to assess multiple ad networks based on their app category and user base demographics. This can be particularly challenging for new developers who have less experience with multiple ad networks.

  1. Scrutiny due to policy violations:

For ad-based revenue models, ensuring policy compliance is one of the major concerns as it can take the revenue down to zero if there are any violations. From covering or overlapping ads to misleading or illegal content on ads, policy violations could manifest themselves in various forms.

  1. Ad formats and placements:

Striking the balance between good user experience and ad revenue is imperative. This is where ad formats and ad placements play a critical role. Finding the right ad format and placing it in a visually pleasing, non-intrusive manner is important for user retention, engagement, and profitability. Placing ads below the fold or ads that are intrusive or clunky usually brings the revenue down.

PubScale comes into play

Having spent a decade in the adtech world, GreedyGame, the company behind PubScale, aims to fill in the gap that exists in the app ecosystem with a comprehensive solution. So, PubScale is uniquely positioned to solve numerous challenges faced by apps and gaming companies.

PubScale boasts 4 crucial services that can help its clients gain soaring revenues. The platform consists of AdX to help app developers make the most of their apps by having multiple demand partners including Google to compete for the available ad space. GROW, is a self-serve tool to create multiple apps install campaigns, and acquire users with multiple DSPs, affiliates, and publishers globally. With SDK X, the app developer can leverage the power of native ad units to create high-performing ads, collaborate with the right demand partners, and optimize revenue. And finally, the analytics tool INSIGHTS helps track LTV and ROAS in real-time sharing AI-based recommendations.

Publishers and app developers worldwide face innumerable issues to scale. The platform sought to aid the global markets by helping them grow their user base and maximize revenues with easy access to premium demand and accessible technology integration. Considering these factors, the company opened its first international office in the US in 2021 and today PubScale has started associating with many global clients.

After having helped over 1500 publishers, and over 10000 apps, both globally and locally, it is clear that PubScale has made a significant impact in the industry. It is poised to continue expanding and bring its services to a broader demographic to scale up publishing businesses.

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