“Empower Your Spiritual Journey with DIPP – A Collection of Powerful Prayers and Proclamations to Invoke Divine Intervention and Manifest Miracles in Your Life.”

Port Harcourt, Lagos, Nigeria, 15th May 2023, King NewsWireIn the year 2020, the world experienced a global pandemic that swept through nations, this disease was called Covid – 19. This pandemic caused panic in various nations due to its rising increase in mortality and many nations were forced to a lockdown.

The Hilltop holds ‘’Command the Morning”, which is a prayer service hosted by Rev. Chris Oarhe; every first day of the month live at her headquarters. When the lockdown was effected in Nigeria, Command the morning took to online platforms. In the month of July, Divine Intervention Prayers and Proclamation was birthed for continuity of prayers and to give the hopeless hope in the face of the pandemic. Lots of persons and families worldwide joined DIPP, hopes and lives were restored.

Divine Intervention Prayers and Proclamation has since continued till date; reaching out to the nations through prayers. DIPP has recorded lots of testimonies from all over the nations. Here are a few:


Like Rev. Chris Oarhe will always say, “In every testimony is the DNA to replicate itself”. One morning on DIPP, a new hashtag “#TheshowupGod was introduced by the man of God during prayers. He gave a testimony of someone who trusted God for funds and received it. He then urged us to key into the testimony. I immediately connected through prayers and believed in God for my own financial breakthrough.

At noon, on that particular day, my mom called and asked me to send my account digits to a particular Aunt of mine who missed my wedding six months ago and wanted to compensate me for it. I quickly sent my account details and got a very handsome credit alert that very day.

Indeed, the show-up God showed up for me.

Mrs. E. O


During the morning prayers, Papa (Rev. Chris Oarhe) prophesied restoration to dead businesses, families, and relationships. I keyed into it, trusting God to restore my business and my mom’s finances. Shortly after DIPP, I received a phone call to come pick up my goods that have been delayed for weeks. I had lost hope to receive the goods or get my money back but God came through for me.

That same day, my mom’s finances was restored. Someone paid a good amount of money into her bank account.

All thanks to the #showupGod!

Goodie. C


In the month of January 2022, I woke up with excruciating pain in my right shoulder which affected my right hand and made it impossible to use. I visited the doctor several times, and took the medications prescribed, all to no avail but during the morning prayers, Rev. Chris Oarhe mentioned my exact case. Immediately he began to pray, and the pain disappeared. I have never experienced God like this. May His name be praised.

Sis. M


In February 2022 my salary was not paid; the reason was I did not choose a pension plan. I swung into action to rectify the problem but the pension office could not generate a pin for me because their server was down. After some days, I submitted my pin to the company, yet I was not paid my salary for the new month, I was discouraged.

My alarm woke me up by 6 am, I reluctantly joined DIPP. After a few minutes, I heard Papa pray for delayed payments, I stood up from my bed and started to decree that my salaries will be paid today. Lo and behold, I got the bank alerts of my unpaid salaries and for the first time, the company I work for, paid me in full.

Thank you so much pastor. God is gracious and kind.

Mr. Collins. N


During the month of Kingdom exploits (October), our Father in the Lord, Rev. Chris Oarhe, instructed us to take communion during the morning prayers (DIPP). I had been experiencing a stone-like sensation in my womb since May 2022, and I trusted God for healing.

During my monthly circle, specifically on the 29th of October 2022, I took communion as directed during the prayers, and I felt something leave my body. My stomach shrank. I feel completely whole. I want to return the glory to God

Sis. Tina B


For over two months, I battled with an infection. I ran several lab tests and was prescribed some antibiotics to take as part of my treatment, yet the infection persisted. I trusted God for a testimony that month and decided to fully participate in the morning prayers.

Lo and behold, I went for another test and no form of infection was seen. All glory to God for healing me.

Mr. M


All glory to God. I have been experiencing severe difficulty with my heart and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. I was placed on a treatment program where I had to eat more dietary foods such as Fiber and grains. I stayed away from sodium-rich foods as ordered by the doctor.

I was on a bus during one of the daily prayers on DIPP when God’s servant, Rev Chris Oarhe declared a word of prayer on my case. With conviction in my heart, I keyed into the prayer, and I went to see a cardiologist. The doctor couldn’t believe the result, it was as if the illness never happened. I got my healing instantly.

Truly our God heals. Sister D


I have been a consistent follower of the morning prayers, I always listen to my spiritual father, Rev. Chris Oarhe. I received a job offer in July 2022, but just as I was about to start the new job, another attractive offer arrived. I decided to take the latest offer.

Prior to the new job, I had been working and saving as little as I could, and now I’m starting 2023 with my own car.

Praise be to God.

The word sure does work!!!

Mr. Phillip B.


In 2021, my mum visited for the holidays. She encouraged me to join the Hilltop and be part of the choir since my family church wasn’t close by. While she was with me, she made it her responsibility to wake me up in the morning to join DIPP so we can pray together.

On a particular day, Rev. Chris raised prayer points on payments of outstanding debts and to our utmost surprise, someone who had been owing my mum a huge amount of money for more than 10 years, called to pay back the money.

I return all the glory to God.

Sis. Beulah. O

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