Bradceuticals Offers a One-Of-A-Kind Mesenchymal Skincare Line that Rejuvenates, Repairs and Hydrates the Skin

The family-owned online skincare shop incorporates human stem cell-conditioned media and growth factors into its range of facial serums.

Oregon, USA, 15th May 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Bradceuticals is among the reputable skincare companies making premium stem cell skin care more accessible to online customers. The company was founded by a working mother who wanted to make skin care products containing stem cell-conditioned media and growth factors more accessible. The Bradceuticals range contains serums that have been designed to address popular skin problems, such as signs of aging. The growing demand for skincare products that provide quick, penetrative, and long-lasting results is making companies like Bradceuticals gain popularity.

The company focuses on using stem cell-conditioned media due to its proven skincare benefits. The professionals at the company collaborate with a local biotech company to source their raw materials. Their star ingredient is the stem cell-conditioned media they use, which takes advantage of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs have been used in clinical applications for a long time, owing to their self-renewing properties. Products containing stem cells are most effective when these cells are combined with growth factors, vitamins, and/or hyaluronic acid.

In reference to their unique skincare formulation, a Bradceuticals representative remarked, “Harvesting human stem cells is not a new thing. Medical professionals have known about their regenerative properties for decades. We just learned how to make their many benefits accessible to regular people who care about their skin. The process is simple; we source high-potency growth factors and stem cells from reputable sources and use them to create effective serums. We focus on facial and hair problems, so we offer products with specific formulations to uniquely address each problem.”

Customers can also buy a red light therapy helmet from the Bradceuticals online shop. The helmet is designed to help customers achieve professional hair care results at home. The stem cell-conditioned hair care serums by the company address thinning and breakage problems at the root. They yield the most effective results when used with the red light helmet. More information is available on the Bradceuticals website.

About Bradceuticals

Bradceuticals is an online shop that is owned and run by an Oregon-based family. It was founded by a working mother who aims to provide affordable skincare solutions to skincare enthusiasts worldwide. Their range includes stem cell serums for skin and red light therapy helmets.

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