Voice Banking Introduced by a Hawaiian Bank

Voice Banking Introduced by a Hawaiian Bank

The first Hawaiian bank has introduced a system whereby customers will be able to conduct a set of commands for their banking needs using voice commands. The system will enable most customers to check for bank balances and check their transactions information without having to key in anything.

The system will be in place in the course of this month and additional features will be included based on the response from the bank’s customers and the feature’s future success. The technology is a new one and it is yet to be tested in the market by any bank.

In support of the new feature from the bank, the President of the Hawaiian Bank said, “Our customers want the freedom to choose how they interact with us. We have been working with Fiserv for several years to enhance our digital services and empower our customers with a wider range of choices in banking convenience. With voice-driven technology playing a bigger role in people’s lives, the time was right to introduce voice banking into that mix.”

Voice-enabled software has been popular in the last few years and Amazon’s “Alexa” has seen a significant increase in its use over the last years. The ability to interact with your device through voice commands and having not to touch your device is an attractive incentive which the first Hawaii bank is using this to give its customers a more personalized experience.

The use of voice commands is seen as the next big thing in software operation and it is going to rapidly increase in the future. Hawaiian Bank is proving to be the pioneer in the adaptation of this technology and do not be surprised if other banks follow suit in adopting this in future.

The technology is very extensive and it enables customers to ask more creative and flexible questions such as “Hey Alexa, what is my Checking Account Balance.”

The bank has partnered with Fiserv to make sure that this technology plays out the way it should. Kevin Schultz, the president of Fiserv further elaborates that, “Voice banking is another way the bank is expanding that spirit of service and connecting with customers through intelligent interactions that reflect how people live today.”

The way in which the entire process is going to manifest itself will determine whether the First Hawaiian Bank is going to be bench maker for other banks.

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