Uber’s London License Approved

Uber’s London License Approved

Uber has been given a short-term probation license to continue its operations in London, UK after the Transport for London (TFL) had denied the taxi company a license renewal eight months ago.

This happened after Uber resorted to fighting the regulator in court following its denial of a new five-year operation license in London. Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot made the decision and ordered Uber to pay TFL the legal cost of £425,000. She declared the Taxi company “fit and proper” to run its operation in the streets of London.

The body that oversees transport in London accused the American Taxi App based company of not duly reporting crimes that were committed on Uber taxis and doing a shoddy background check on Uber taxi drivers. London mayor Sadiq Khan who had initially supported the action of rejecting Uber a new license said that Uber London’s director had seen reason in this action and it will change its operations accordingly to new improved public safety standards.

Uber had applied for a renewal of their operations license that would last five more years but the Transport for London refused their renewal terming Uber as not “fit and proper” to operate in London.

The renewed license is however available with a catch as the TFL has placed Uber under tight scrutiny for fifteen months before deciding whether to fully renew their license. Uber had placed an appeal to scrap the English language tests that would be imposed on Uber drivers, back in September when they started the lawsuit but dropped it eventually.

Among the changes that Uber has made to enable it to be granted this license include Uber drivers using the app in regions where they possess private hire license and regulating working hours for these drivers.

Uber drivers would also have a six-hour mandatory rest after every ten hours they use to pick up passengers.

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