Trump’s Trade Policy has put the U.S and China Relations on the Cusp of a New Cold War

Trump’s Trade Policy has put the U.S and China Relations on the Cusp of a New Cold War

U.S president Trump has put more pressure against trade fight this week he has imposed tariffs on Chinese goods worth of $200 billion and also menacing to tax almost all the imports originating from China if it attempts to fight back.

Beijing has been astonished, provoked by the activities undertaken by Trump to impose tariffs from Chinese import, which on the other hand has forced China to do the same setting their own levies on U.S imports

However, this diplomatic situation has no any possible outcome to many in the business and policy society, viewing on the possibility that the united states may experience a long time which might result to, worsening of economics trade fight for a period of years, in turn, they will question what, if there will be any achievement from America.

Moreover, a former Australia prime minister by the name Kevin Rudd who is also knowledgeable of China said in an interview that 2018 has already signaled a beginning of a war which may be over look in various percepts; it can arise from investments, through trade, and also on technological difference between the two countries. They are considered as great powers in the 21st century.

It has been evident that there have been a fallout Jack Ma backed off a promise in which he made meeting with Trump the previous year to create at least one million jobs in America. He told Xinhua Chinese news site that the pledge was made on premises of friendly China partnership with USA and rational trade relations though he said that premise doesn’t exist any longer, quoted trade is not weapon.

As U.S tariffs goes up will greatly affect the Chinese factory production, growth in investment and also consumer rate of spending will worsen. Trump seems to make a move a position he views that only him is capable to middle in for change that threatens to make economic suffering to firms and consumers on side of the Pacific.

However, Trump is hopefully looking at the betterment of trade resolution at the end with president Xi of China.

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