The Automotive Industry Hasn’t Begun to Realize Real Disruption Yet

The Automotive Industry Hasn’t Begun to Realize Real Disruption Yet

In the past decades and even today, purchaser’s decision to buy a car has been determined by the space of the cabin, size and power of the engine among other limited user specifications. Automobile manufacturers as well have focused on push strategies in producing cars. Some of the distinctive features they compete on include engine capacity, unprovocative designs and efficiency.

If you want to think about disruption in the Automotive industry, forget about all these. Forget about Uber, Tesla, Google self-driving cars that have been rolled-out in certain cities around the world. Although these companies are contributing to shape the future of cars, they are actually scratching the surface of what truly lies underneath as discussed at IFA 2018 held in Berlin.

These visionary cars are hyper-connected, intelligent and autonomous. They will stream live data on weather, traffic, share information with sensors on the road and communicate with nearby vehicles. They will be driverless. To achieve this, the role of software becomes increasingly important because the car will be an actual digital device except that it is on wheels.

The major question that arises is whether Automobile manufacturers are willing to adopt software engineering. A shift in paradigm will be vital. They will need to start thinking about ‘mobility as a system and where the car fits in that system’

As much as the car which is a hardware is important, greater attention will be paid in the software as well. The autonomous nature of these cars mean that certain features of the current models will need to be redesigned to suite purpose. For example, steering wheel will be faced out with user interface mechanisms such as touch sensors, gesture controls among others that will enable passengers input into the intelligent system. The interior of these cars will be an exceptional revolution.

As if this isn’t enough, the future cars focus on how they will ultimately integrate with other modes of transport. There will be incredible impact on things like policies and laws, infrastructure, and passengers. This is the real disruption in the Automobile industry.

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