Power Sportz Misses Crash Landing after Supersonic Take-off, Ties up with Global Provider

Power Sportz Misses Crash Landing after Supersonic Take-off, Ties up with Global Provider

Sometimes even the mighty stumble – but it is in the ability to manage these mishaps with panache that the mighty remain so. We are talking about PowerSportz.Tv– the only channel dedicated to reporting solely within the realm of sports. It was launched on May 19th this year, and already boasts of a daily traffic of 1 million views across the country. It is poised to become one of the most successful news channels in the country.


The Editor-in-Chief is the charming diva of sports news broadcasting – Ms Kanthi D Suresh. While she knew from the start, that the channel would become extremely popular, given the unique content, and her own elegant style of reporting, she was pleasantly surprised by the euphoric and passionate welcome and response by the viewers.


Given that the channel is online – a digital platform – it relies on steadfast and speedy technology to run uninterrupted. This also means that a larger viewership would occupy more space on the cloud, and each added viewer would add to the ‘load’. Talking Turkey, on the channel, sprung up a rather interesting and highly catchy subject of whether Cricket should be included as a sport in the Olympics. This live debate was to be aired at 8pm. While the channel, expected the furor, they were certainly not prepared for what was about to hit.


As soon as the debate went live, the viewership rose at an unexpected space, which put a lot of load on the server. As the numbers continued to mount, several viewers began to experience a lot of disturbance on the channel, leading to impatience and annoyance. The PowerSportz office was soon inundated with calls from irate viewers demanding that the clarity be restored.


While Ms. Kanthi was unavailable for comment on the incident, Ms. Anu Walia who manages PR and Communications confirmed the incident and assured everyone that there would never be a repeat of such problems. She informed us that PowerSportz immediately took action by entering into a 10 petabyte (A petabyte (PB) is 1015 bytes of data, 1,000 terabytes (TB) or 1,000,000 gigabytes (GB))of space from one of the best CDN providers in the world.


Viewer delight seems to be top priority for Ms. Kanthi and PowerSportz, and we are sure that the assurances will hold true. Despite her unavailability, the swift action she spearheaded, is certainly refreshing, and is her trademark finesse and feisty style. PowerSportz is certainly holding the torch on how channels must look at reporting and is keeping the interests of viewers at the core of everything they do. All the best to PowerSportz and Ms. Kanthi and we hope to see some more revolutionary content in the not so distant future.

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