In Spite of the Catastrophe in Yemen, US is Protecting Saudi Arabia

In Spite of the Catastrophe in Yemen, US is Protecting Saudi Arabia

The government of USA is backing the joint operation by Saudi Arabia and UAE in Yemen despite constant criticism from human right groups which claim that the two countries operations in the war struck country is killing a lot of innocent civilians.

The American secretary of defense said that he fully supports the position the two Gulf countries are taking in the civil war that has torn Yemen apart for the better part of this decade.

This means that US government will continue fueling the coalition jets in their operations of dropping airstrikes in Yemen. UAE and Saudi Arabia have been involved directly in the civil war and have not hesitated to show their political support for the Yemeni ousted government.

Human rights groups have reiterated that the airstrikes that the coalition forces are making huge strikes on innocent civilians and are calling on the end of the operation. There were reports that recent airstrikes hit a school bus full of children, a wedding and a market. Statistics show that more and more civilians are coming into coalition led airstrikes’ fire involuntarily.

In a sharply critical statement made against the move by the American government, Oxfam’s America’s Humanitarian Policy Lead said, “With Secretary Pompeo’s certification, the State Department demonstrated that it is blindly supporting military operations in Yemen without any allegiance to facts, moral code or humanitarian law.”

Paul also faulted the American government for not taking appropriate action to end the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and accused it of being responsible for escalating it further.

The US government believes that there is a way in which the civilian deaths could be averted. The Pentagon says that appropriate training in targeting for the coalition forces will increase its efficiency in targeting out the rebels and prevent deaths of hundreds and even thousands of civilians who have already been ravaged by the outcomes of the years-long civil war.

The crisis is gaining massive attention as Senator Jean Shaheen recently called out to the US government to make effort and end the war instead of supporting the coalition forces.

The crisis in the Gulf country has gone from bad to worse as more people are dying daily and other facing the fangs of extreme famine. The UN human rights office has reported that almost 7,000 civilians have been killed from the airstrikes alone and the figures could be bigger.

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