I Dont have Any Personal Agenda, says Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz

I Dont have Any Personal Agenda, says  Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-Chief, Power Sportz

Kanthi is bold, fearless, and outspoken in her sports news broadcasting, which seems to be unnerving a number of others and ruffling a number of feathers. Kanthis irritation to allegations of a vested interest / hidden agenda, is evident and natural as she has always believed in honest news broadcasting and believes in raising factual issues that affect sportspersons and their millions of admirers. Given her candid and fearless style of reporting, she has consistently been successful in bringing to light scams, mismanagement, and other inadequacies in the realm of sports, in her show, Talking Turkey, on which appropriate actions have been initiated

On 28th July this year, Kanthi highlighted the misconduct and bungling, rampant in the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India. Based on the facts brought to light, the Delhi High Court removed its President, Janardhan Gehlot from the Federation on August 4th . Kanthis next breakthrough through her mindful and sensitive reporting came when she raised the issues governing transgender athletes, and the pronounced insensitivity in schools towards transgender persons, and now, a crucial step towards making government schools in the city more trans-inclusive was taken on Tuesday, with principals of 25 government schools as well as five private schools attending a workshop aimed at sensitizing them on transgender rights and the needs and challenges of transgender students.

Kanthi touched upon a rather sensitive topic in another of her recent shows. She brought to light the fact that despite the Lodha Committees recommendations, the BCCI continued to push back and remained resistant to come under the purview of the RTI Act, immediately, post which the Central Information Commission (CIC) directed the BCCI to be put under the RTI Act and be answerable to the people of the country under its mechanism.

It is rather amusing to note the anxiousness and panic that her show is creating, and is the reason that such panic stricken folk would like all to believe that the topics she highlights are decided in cahoots with power centers. She gets prior information, one voice echoed. She is networked in the government, echoed a similar sentiment. The fact is that everyone waits with bated breath in anticipation of the topic to be debated each week on Friday.

I dont have any personal agenda, and moreover these insinuations will not derail my focus!, says Kanthi, as we caught up with her on a late night call, as she was still at work
On asking if she feels that the Prime Minister will declare hockey as the national sport, as she had vehemently brought up the issue in one of her shows, she says, that her job is to only raise issues that concern athletes, and the sports fraternity, the rest is beyond her, and she would not exceed her brief!

Well, some are keen to know whether her last show on Age fraud in Sport, will have any on-ground action!
Kanthi is basking in the success of her channel, but not resting on laurels, and continues to forge ahead with ambitious plans for PowerSportz, including the launch of the App, and the start of the sales process to monetize the intense interest being shown by large corporate houses. All is well in the house of PowerSportz, and its diva reigns supreme

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