“Don’t Interfere with Our Elections”, Trump Orders to Sanction Culpable Foreigners

“Don’t Interfere with Our Elections”, Trump Orders to Sanction Culpable Foreigners

Donald Trump has issued an order which will lead to individuals who might interfere in the upcoming elections to be sanctioned. This comes in the wake of numerous accusations against the Russians for allegedly tampering with the last elections’ result.

Lawmakers from the two major American parties are against the idea. Some of them have registered their concern about the order sighting the broad power that Trump will have. He can sanction any foreigner who interferes in any electoral process in less than two months.

The orders are seen as a way for Trump to prevent influence from abroad and as a way to keep the American election as transparent as it can get. There were allegations of interference on the part of the Russians in the last elections and Trump does not want a repeat of this.

According to American National Advisor, John Bolton, the order will reduce the part that foreign entities play in tampering with the entire American electoral process. In a statement to the press regarding the matter, he says, “”This is intended to be a very broad effort to prevent foreign manipulation of the political process.”

Bolton goes ahead to explain that Trump’s decision is not affected by pressure received from legislators and other people and that the decision was only rational. He further goes ahead and defends Trump as having taken action solely for America’s case.

The whole issue started soon after the last elections whereby majority of the democrats believed that the election was tampered with and all the fingers pointed at the Russians. Putin, the Russian president was quick to distant himself and the entire Russian government from the saga and Trump clearly supported him.

The orders come as a surprise to everyone given the stand that Trump took earlier stating that the accusations were just a way in which Hillary Clinton and the democrats were trying to remain relevant and rubbished the whole investigations into the saga as a chase after a wild goose.

Trump has to the surprise of many accepted the effect of propaganda from the Russian media in the elections process in America.

Members of the congress are giving Trump a hard time and are asking for tougher measures to be taken to deal with the foreign interference in the American elections.

Two senators have already downplayed the efforts of the White house saying they are pretentious and will not lead to any solution whatsoever.

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