America’s Largest City is Facing a Monumental Subway Crisis

America’s Largest City is Facing a Monumental Subway Crisis

Subway crisis or delays lead to loss of millions of dollars summing up to $389 million every year. This is according to a report by the office of New York’s city comptroller in October 2017. Since this revelation, there have been numerous alarms by some New York city officials.

However, their voice fell into deaf ears. This is because the subway crisis has worsened greatly since its revelation. Nonetheless, this challenge has become a norm for the city’s residents. In the gubernatorial primary vote last week, the subway was in crisis again. A move that has led to negative criticism of the American government.

Scott Stringer New York’s city comptroller in a statement to Yahoo Finance said that “The subway system is the backbone of the City’s and America’s economy.” Hence, these repeated delays lead to economic catastrophe.

A report by NYPIRG in 2016 said that sixteen subway line went from a state of bad to worse in regards to regularity compared to four subway lines that improved. This led to action governor Andrew Cuomo in mid-2017 who pledged a billion US dollars that will cater for the subway lines upgrading and maintenance.

On the other hand, much has not been done as per improvement of the subway system is concerned as per the promise of the governor. Cynthia Nixon had promised that she would tax the rich so that she could fix the subway challenge in the city. However, she lost to the incumbent Andrew Cuomo who is a Democrat.

But the Republican nominee Marc Molinaro told Yahoo Finance that if he wins the elections against Cuomo he will concentrate first with fixing the subway system. He also added that the subway system is one of the key pillars of the city’s financial and structural components. Molinaro also attacked Andrew Cuomo as a man who prioritized unnecessary projects rather than fixing long-term issues such as the subway.

Since the report by the city’s comptroller subway delays has worsened greatly. Hence, this issue needs to be dealt with utmost zeal. This will attract people who have chosen private companies for transportation rather than public transport which has led to a decline in revenue collected.

Henceforth, the subway crisis needs to be fixed to promote economic stability to Americas largest city.

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